Do you like the survival mechanic?

Actually, I restarted to develop Timbertales quite actively and trying to improve the game and add a lot of player feedback.

One of my own concern by playing the last time was, is the survival feature cool? For those who don't know what feature I am talking about: If you try to kill a unit there is a low percentage that this units will survive the attack - This is animated by a popping star and instead of dying the unit will survive with 1 life point.

I am thinking about removing this feature, because it don't feels good if you attack an unit which should die and it survives as the attacker. What are your thoughts about that?
I think it should probably be removed as a general mechanic. It adds too much randomness. And randomness is the enemy of tactics and planning.
Of course, critical hits are also random, but at least they simply increase damage a bit. They do not break the gameplay. And a bit of randomness should be there anyway, just like in real life.
It is a big difference though, between random damage (in logical borders, of course), and surviving a hit that should decimate the target. I mean, it adds nothing useful. Only confusion.

BUT! I think, you should KEEP this mechanic, but only as an ability of some animal or insect. For example, in real life badgers are experts of survival and they can live even with horrible wounds. Why not to show that in the game too? Make them a bit weaker, but add this mechanic. Then the players will be expect that it MAY happen, because it is badgers special ability.
Thanks for feedback. Really like your idea to keep it as special ability for some units. I will think about that.