Feedback gathering

It would love to bring this forum a bit up to life and see if someone is caring about it at all. I will try to promote it a bit, because for me its much easier to find feedback here at my site instead of checking -> Twitter, Steam, Gamejolt, etc.
So if you have any Feedback, Feature ideas or questions don't hesitate to post into this thread.
Well, I will start with the smaller stuff. It is easy to add, but will make the game more enjoyable.

1) More single player content. Campaign is not enough, and multiplayer is mostly empty. This is the most important point, and it is in the "smaller stuff", because some random arena battles would be enough. Just something to train on, to try different combos and army building strategies.

2) More animals. Two factions is not enough in my opinion. You have insects and sylvan, but sylvan are mostly european forest animals. Why not add faction based on geographical regions?
Polar, Desert, Swamp, Jungle... The list can go on. Some factions will be more suited for quick combat, some for slow and steady pushing... You can even add new campaigns based on that. For example, global warming is forcing the polar animals to move south and clash with the sylvan. Also, the abilities should be really different. Currently only few units have them at all.
Some ideas for animals and their specialities:

- Wolves with howling that buffs the attack of nearby units for the next turn.
- "Gust of wind" of owls/eagles, which doubles the movement of one firendly unit for the next turn
- Passive ability for ants. For each other ant in the chain, gain +20% attack/defense. If there are 5 connected ants, each of them gets +80%
- Bears that can provoke target enemy (or all nearby enemies) to attack only them.
- Butterflies which upgrade grass tiles by adding flowers, it makes the defense of all insects on that tile higher until the end of the battle. Reload: 5 turns.
- Sacred elk with passive healing for 10 point evey turn for every nearby ally.
- Beavers which can destroy forest tiles and open the way for your army where the enemy is not ready.

I can write as many as you need, I have a lot of ideas for units.

3) Descriptions of abilities should be available in the "army building" window. Currently you can see that a unit has an ability only in battle. I want to be able to see it outside too, with good explanation how this ability works. Description is needed for general mechanics too. What are those combos? How do they work? What about crashing and piercing attack types? What about unit sizes? There is no explanation ingame.
Description for the units themselves would be greatly appreciated too. The do not have to be BIG, it can be 1-3 sentences. For example: 

"Arnold. Playful little squirrel, who is always ready to help others. Not a good fighter, but can heal friends with his magical acorns.".

It will add a bit of deepness, the game will not feel so empty like it is now.

Will write other ideas and feedback in the next post. There will be the "bigger stuff", which will require more time to implement.
So, here is the bigger stuff.

1) Global map. It is a single player mode. Can be added as DLC.
The idea is to make a big global map (just like campaign one), divided into many regions. Something similar to "Warlords: Battlecry 2" and "Rise of Nations". Maybe 20-30 regions would be enough.
You start in a small region and every turn (year) you can attack another one, that is close to your territory. If you do, a battle starts. If you win, the region gets your flag and you will get a permanent bonus from it (it can be bonus to healing, or to attack, or maybe some extra unit for your army, like ravens from ravens nest).
Regions get stronger with every year, so you have to plan the right order of capturing.
Few more things to consider: 

- Should the enemies attack back? If no, then the only problem will be the growing strength of the enemy. If yes, then from time to time you get a message that your region was attacked. You can give it up, or try to defend it. If you fail, you lose the region with the bonus. Actually, you can make both variants, and make it depend on difficulty level.

- Should your army be "everywhere" on your land, or like special tokens on given regions? Explaining: Imagine that you have like 10 regions, your territory is big. Should you be able to attack in any direction every turn, or you have to move a special token/multiple tokens at the speed 1 tile/1 turn from one border to another?
Both variants have their pros and cons. First one is easier to implement. Second one is more interesting and requires more planning. You have to think how to efficiently move your armies to be able to attack and defend.

2) Collections of animals. I think that you have to make most of the animals be "closed" at the beginning. Some of them could be opened for acorn points, some of them could be found only on global map or as random reward for random battles. Animals can be of different rarity and players will have to search the map and grind to get some very rare beaver or salamander that they want in their army.
Completionism is one of the reasons why many players stay in the game. They want to finish the collection, they want to find rare stuff, "level up" to the maximum...
It would be like a mix between strategy and trading card game. If everything is opened from the start, it gets boring pretty quickly. There should always be progress!
Later you can even add animals trading, the players could trade rare units with each other. It will add a reason to communicate and to call friends into the game. Social element.
You should consider "fullscreen windowed" mode for the game. It looks the same as "fullscreen", but changing the window with alt+tab works a lot smoother and faster than with fullscreen.
I will add another option to make it windowed fullscreen